Online Marketing Specialist & Entrepreneur

My most recent work.

You will find inside my portfolio a variety of projects that I have contributed to, from different business and industries. Within my journey I have obtained a mix of skills and had the pleasure of working with inelegant and creative professionals. Here is a glance of my most recent work!

  • VideoSheep

    Media Marketplace

  • Lucy Rebuck
    Lucy Rebuck

    Artist Portfolio

  • TattooShop
  • VeedKit
  • WordPress Israel
    WordPress Israel
  • N.O.T – Not on Tour
    N.O.T – Not on Tour

    The Band’s Official Website

  • InstallCore

    Website & SEO Optimization

  • Rhino Marketing Blog
    Rhino Marketing Blog
  • Supersonic Website V3
    Supersonic Website V3
  • Halloween Referral Program
    Halloween Referral Program
  • Android Targeted Campaign
    Android Targeted Campaign
  • Soom.la Joint Marketing
    Soom.la Joint Marketing
  • Mobile Video Campaign
    Mobile Video Campaign
  • Appsflyer Joint Campaign
    Appsflyer Joint Campaign
  • UA Campaign
    UA Campaign
  • LinkedIn Targeted Campaign – Supersonic
    LinkedIn Targeted Campaign – Supersonic
  • Remarketing Campaign v1 – Supersonic
    Remarketing Campaign v1 – Supersonic
  • Promo50_v1 – Supersonic
    Promo50_v1 – Supersonic
  • Easter Promotion 2015 – Supersonic
    Easter Promotion 2015 – Supersonic
  • Chupamobile and Supersonic Partnership Campaign
    Chupamobile and Supersonic Partnership Campaign
  • Launch your App to Space – Supersonic
    Launch your App to Space – Supersonic
  • Supersonic Website – China Region
    Supersonic Website – China Region

    The official Chinese website for Supersonic – Fully translated into Traditional Chinese. -Jan’ 15

  • Supersonic Website V2
    Supersonic Website V2

    The second Version of Supersonic’s website – This version has been planned in adapt to the Online Marketing strategy. Implanted SEO & UX.

  • Chirstmas 2014 – Supersonic
    Chirstmas 2014 – Supersonic

    Seasonal Marketing Landing Page for the Supersonic Christmas paid media campaign. This was the first successful paid media campaign the company launched since its launch in 2009.

  • Supersonic Website V1
    Supersonic Website V1

    Implanted initial SEO Practice into the brands first website. -Nov ’14

  • Guli Cohen – Fashion
    Guli Cohen – Fashion
  • Stock Investing  & Traders
    Stock Investing & Traders

    I Created a comprehensive online marketing foundation for a B.O. Company located in the UK

  • Ross Plazma – Artist
    Ross Plazma – Artist

    Grid Portfolio UX & UI Design for Ross Plazma from PlazmaLab™. Promoted by Social Media Marketing & SEM practice. -May ’14

  • Sion Medical Clinic
    Sion Medical Clinic

    Participated in the Marketing of a Medical tourism website targeting Russian Clients abroad. The entire website was in Russian.

  • MyEsek – Marketing Agency
    MyEsek – Marketing Agency

    As the founder of MyEsk I led the Online Marketing for the company and its clients in the fields on Paid Media, SEO & SMM.

  • Noam Wolf – Music
    Noam Wolf – Music

    Israeli Indie Musician – I lead the SMM Marketing for Miss Wolf in 2014.

  • NewTaxi Italy
    NewTaxi Italy

    I planned the UX and designed the UI  for the Italian NewTaxi website. The website has 2 versions in Italian and English. -Nov ’13

  • Radio Kol Dimona 106FM
    Radio Kol Dimona 106FM
  • Yarkonim Shopping Mall
    Yarkonim Shopping Mall

    Conceptual UX & UI Design. Conducted a annual online marketing strategy. -2013

  • Dorian Patrick – Photographer
    Dorian Patrick – Photographer

    Full screen web-app portfolio UX & UI Design for Dorian Patrick. -Aug ’13

  • Waldman Law Firm
    Waldman Law Firm

    Marketing and Website design for the Criminal Law Firm “Waldman Law” -Aug ’13

  • TLT Board
    TLT Board

    The innovating TLTBoard is a patent start-up all terrain motorized dirt-board.  – August ’13

  • Yehuda Rachanaiv – Artist
    Yehuda Rachanaiv – Artist

    Minimal Portfolio UX & UI Design – Abstract erotic murals by Y.R.

  • Tattooizm – Tattoo Studio
    Tattooizm – Tattoo Studio

    Fusion Tattoo parlor located in Tel Aviv, Israel & Berlin, Germany. I led the creation of the marketing foundations for the label. – 2013-14

  • iamdaniel.co.il – Personal Blog
    iamdaniel.co.il – Personal Blog

    A Blog in Hebrew about Online Marketing and Website Design, the blog was active between 2012-2014.

  • Friends4Life – NPO
    Friends4Life – NPO

    “Friends for Life” is a Animal SOS & Rescue Shelter led by Galila Evn-Hen  The NPO was founded in 1998. – March ’13

  • Dog Trainer – Avital B.
    Dog Trainer – Avital B.
  • PrintEra TLV
    PrintEra TLV

    PrintEra is a company that provides advanced printing solutions for businesses. I led the marketing for the project in 2013.

  • xo38 – Digmi Projects
    xo38 – Digmi Projects

    Annual Online Marketing for xo38 projects official website. Founded by Mr. Digmi. -Dec ’12

  • Art of Healing
    Art of Healing

    One of the most successful SEO campaigns I have launched, with over 150 keywords ranked in the Isreali SERP’s. – May ’12

  • Levitation Jewelry
    Levitation Jewelry

    Full screen portfolio UX & UI Design for Shlomo Levi – Handcrafted Jewelry.

  • GamerIsrael.net

    Co-Founder of the original GamerIsrael.net community, Sadly the project was shutdown – currently there is a BETA release on a new domain.

  • The Cool English School
    The Cool English School

    Private English school in Petach Tikva, Israel. Created the initial foundation for the Online marketing campaigns.