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Q&A SEO 2015 – Ask me your SEO Questions!

August 8, 2015danielb0 Comments

Every year I sponsor a Online marketing forum by contributing to the SEO Related Topics, this year I have choosen to dedicate my efforts to a uprising Online Marketing community called Affiliatefix.com.  I have collected all the Q&A’s from different users that asked me SEO related questions for 2015 and documented them in this post, I will update this post every now and then so tune in for updates.

Enjoy your reading!

Q: Whats the quickest way to rank a site? (Asked by Church)

A: That is not really not a newbie question but its still a Great question! I assume you are talking about ranking with White-Hat methods – Black-hat will always be quicker but will be punished and this is not recommended for Company websites or any other website that is aiming for the long run.

So to rank fast with pure white hat, I recommend developing a firm content marketing strategy and basing your overall strategy on that content. The content must provide an added-value to your target audience, leave it to them to make it viral.
Stick to Google’s SEO Guidelines when creating content. If it is text then write it primarily for users and modify your content only a bit for Search Engine robots, use tools like Yoast & MOZ to monitor your progression.
But one must take in thought that not only firm content will generate fast SERP results. A HUGE part of your final rank is based on your Domain & Page Authority which is calculated from the quality of the code of your website (Page speed, Schema, W3, Microformats,etc..) and the user behavior and interaction with your website (based on a great UXUI).

Remember that “Search Engines” and “Users that search” both have the same agenda, they both want to find the best website. So you are going to have to make the “best website” to rank on those SERP results.

Q: How many keywords should I use in my meta tags? (Asked by Church)

A: Great question. So ill divide the term Meta tag into 2 parts, The Meta Title and Meta description:
Meta Title has a huge impact on SEO
Meta description has no impact on SEO – Only on the CTR from the SERP results
You can add as many Keywords as you want in the Meta Title, as long as it fits in the 50-60 char limit.

Meta Description Tag – Learn SEO – Moz

Q: Whats the best keyword intelligence tool now keyword planner is moved? (Asked by Tyforest)

A: I mix 4 tools to get a sense of whats going on for my SEO gravy.

  1. AdWords KeyWord Planner (For a rough traffic estimate)
  2. MOZ Keyword Difficulty + OpenWeb Tool(For KW heirarcy and ranking strategy)
  3. SEMRush Competitors section (For all other information)
  4. MajesticSEO (For better search volume and SERP results)

Q: Whats the best practises for follow or no follow? (Asked by Tyforest)

A: Here is some information that will help you out, the articles bellow will touch the different places where followno follow is used:
The Hidden Power of Nofollow Links – Moz
Internal Links – SEO Best Practices – Moz
Infographic: What Is The Nofollow Tag; When & How To Use It

A: If it generates views and actions on your website then it is helpful.
Then again, if these views are counted with a high bounce rate then it was not that helpful.

About the value of social Backlinks… they barely have any value for the PageRank value of Social platforms are excluded from ranking..
BUT the traffic that comes via the links do have value and letting them surf your website will deeply contribute to your ranking.

Q: I’m a beginner with SEO and keyword research. How can I learn what keywords to use and better understand what i’m when performing keyword research? (Asked by Tom804)

A: Go threw this great guide, when you finish it you will know x10 more then you know right now.
Enjoy reading :)
SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide From Moz


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