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Private Lessons in Online Marketing – Summer 2016

July 11, 2016danielb0 Comments

This last past year I have been tutoring professionals in the field of Online Marketing. Personally it has been a very exciting to follow career developments within my students.
I decided to take the challenge a leap forward and offer Professional Courses in the field of Online Marketing this Summer.

Each lesson is 50 minutes and at the end of the lesson you will be assigned homework that is mandatory for the next lesson. The lessons will take place at my residence in Tel Aviv, Israel.
The cost of an individual lesson is $55, send me a message on Facebook if you would like to schedule. Here is a list of the Courses and Lessons I offer.

Google Adwords Course (5 Lessons)

  1. Keyword Research Lesson
  2. Ad Set Logic
  3. Bidding Strategy
  4. Ad Optimization
  5. Analytic Measurement

Social Media Management Course Facebook & Twitter (6 Lessons)

  1. Introduction to Facebook Functions
  2. Publishing on Facebook
  3. Guerrilla Marketing on Facebook
  4. Analytic Measurement in Facebook
  5. Introduction to Twitter Functions
  6. Twitter Growth and Community Value

Online Guerrilla Marketing Course (5 Lessons)

  1. Online Guerrilla Marketing introduction
  2. Prioritizing and Strategy
  3. Publishing (I)
  4. Publishing (II)
  5. Analytic Measurement

Content Marketing Course (6 lessons)

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Outline and Structure
  3. Headings and Sections
  4. Backlinks and Rich Media
  5. Analytic Measurement
  6. Content writing for Paid Media

eCommerce / Online Marketing for Beginners Course (5 Lessons)

  1. Introduction to Online Guerrilla Marketing
  2. Introduction to Content Marketing
  3. Introduction to SEO
  4. Introduction to PPC
  5. Introduction to SMM

Email Marketing Course (2 Lessons)

  1. MailChimp Lesson
  2. Analytic Measurement

If you are thinking about the value of these courses, contact me and ask questions. I am an honest individual and my goal is to enrich your knowledge with vital information. If I feel that I have no way to assist your development I will say so.

Have a great summer 🙂

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