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3 easy tweaks to improve your Adwords Campaign results

June 8, 2015danielb0 Comments

If you work in the field of Online Paid Advertising, you will find yourself always exploring new ways to optimize and improve your campaigns, while Google Adwords currently is the leading Paid Search and Display ad network, a majority of almost any online marketer’s schedule will be devoted to improving the Adwords campaigns. With the help of Micro-bidding on each keyword divided by geo location, you will improve your CPC rate and almost immediately, find your invested energy in optimizing campaigns paying off. While the depth of optimizing Adwords campaigns is practically endless, I started to think how can I optimize my Adwords results without actually microbidding and maintaining daily. I found a solution, I took a step “backwards” from my day to day bias in order to improve my workflow efficiency.
In the following article I will present 3 very easy “life tweaks” that will most likely improve your Adwords Campaign results.

1) Upload keywords by Match Type in Bulk mode

While every industry has its own keyword behavior, rotating between [Exact] “Phrase” and Broad come in handy within the initial testing and optimization stage. In order to improve your work efficiency use Pegs Adwords Generator tool to compile in seconds all the search term variations you need for your keyword list. Save the website as a bookmark, this comes in handy on a day to day basis and literately saves you time and money. This will optimize your overall success when micro-bidding or re-gutting campaigns.

2) Create a Display campaign only with “Placements”

This is a mini-tweak that I do on every Adwords Account that I run. Before I explain how to create the campaign I want to tell shortly the thought process behind it.
A while back ago, while thinking how I can utilize industry related websites and blogs that I encounter within my daily routine, a great idea came to my mind. I understood that utilizing traditional Paid Media on these websites to allocate additional reach would be my best solution, and getting “cheap” quality reach would probably be best on Google Adwords. So I created a special Display campaign in Adwords and threw in all the industry-related potential websites that I found while doing my other tasks. I defined a “ultra-low” cpc rate manually and allowed the campaign to run for 8 days.  The results were that I converted signups for as low as $1.82 ~this was %380 lower then my average CPL for that campaign.
But that was not it, additionally I accumulated over 200K impressions for FREE on industry related websites. In the overall marketing aspect, this is amazing, with a very low budget invested we increased the brands awareness and generated leads.

In order to create a “Specefic placement” campaign on Adwords do the following:

  1. improve your Adwords Campaign resultsCreate a new campaign on Adwords.
  2. On the Campaign type select “Display
    network only – All Features”.
  3. On the next page, under “Choose how to target your ads” select the 3rd option “Select a different method”
  4. Then select “Placements”
  5. Now click on “Add multiple placements at once” and throw in all the websites you want.
    (Do not put www. in the URL)
  6. Create the campaign, then go to the Display network tab and choose “Placements”
  7. Now micro-bid on those websites!

Now in order to improve you Adwords results just save all those industry related websites in a organized .CSV file and then dump it every month into your Display Placement campaign. This again will save you time and money.

3) Create a management time limit and increase your APM

One of my main issues while trying to optimize campaigns is the natural time delay, with a declared delay of 18 hours you casually find yourself generating leads in real life without Adwords presenting the information. What makes it even harder is to understand the results of specific tweaks made while optimizing campaigns. Due to this fact I find that I prefer to optimize campaigns weekly and only maintain outrages and obvious tweaks on a daily basis.
To prevent “over-hauling” which is the situation where you pay unjustified high CPC’s for keywords, I recommend creating a time limit for daily and weekly Adword’s campaign management. You want to give enough efforts to optimize and increase results, but don’t over invest in it –  You can easily find yourself paying more then you should have.

If you set yourself a good time limit you will need to learn the rucks of Adwords to filter data instantly. Utilizing the saved reports tab will directly increase your overall Action per minute ratio, buying you more time to analyze campaigns. Take the time to learn all of Adwords tabs and options so that in the future you will be able to obtain that needed data in seconds.
In order to improve my daily Adwords maintenance check I use the “Segments” tab. Within a couple of clicks you will be able to segment your conversion by name and get a clear understanding about yesterday’s results.  I hope you have a conversion pixel implanted – If you do not, take a look at this “Setting up conversion tracking” by Google.

Will this improve your Adwords campaign results?

I am sure these tweaks will improve Adwords Campaigns in any industry, try them out and post some feedback. The lesson I have learned is that it is possible to improve campaign results not only by optimizing the campaigns, but also by optimizing your workflow. If you have any questions about the content included in this article please use the comment box on the bottom, I will be glad to help you out.

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