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Understanding politics with Newton’s Law of Action-Reaction

October 24, 2015danielb0 Comments

In this dynamic fast-paced century the public media has invested countless resources in research regarding user experience and communication. The content presented on each major publication has been created by a team of professionals with various skills like designing, writing, editing, researching, printing, coding, broadcasting and the list goes on….  
These public media outlets are a form of digital or printable journalism targeting the general public, each outlet has their unique approach to cover a story and a “undeclared” anchor point.
We encounter the content of these media outlets daily via newspapers, websites, radio, apps and TV channels. It is inevitable to escape modern day media, especially with global events that present a danger to humanity – Public Media has become a part of the modern day life.

While reading the news, I always take in mind that the truth is subjective, exactly like life. Each has his own perspective and a unique observance point. We all know from personal experience that two people can be in the same situation yet perceive the events in a different form.
Eventually, all news we perceive has been tampered or modified to fulfill a certain goal, rarely do we, as the “users” know the goal. It is well known that the United States Government admitted in the 1960’s that Operation Mockingbird was a core part of delivering propaganda to the public.
Since then and till today, public media outlets have changed courses due to financial benefits that have manipulated the outcast of “cooperative” outlets.

I have came to these thoughts after questioning the financial structure of these media outlets – How do they generate a positive ROI and sustain this multi-billion dollar annual production?

So what does this have to do with Understanding politics? Let’s take in mind that the major public media outlets are backed by political and financial interests, therefore all journalism is tailored for a certain audience and has hidden agendas. Now let’s continue to Newton’s law of action-reaction to build a fact-based perspective on politics.

The sequence of events by Newton’s 3rd law of motion

Pro Beard’

Within Newton’s 3rd law of motion the segment of collision and resistance of materials encouraged the principle that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
I find this principle applicable not only in the world of physics, within every event a action and a reaction occur. Yet because the “truth” is subjective it is extremely complicated to determinedly define what is the action – and what is the reaction. The order of events can be argued in a subjective matter, while the general environment is often neglected. To explain my theory let’s use a short story…

Andy walks into his local bar, orders a beer and starts playing darts, within the first hour of playing he manages to hit 9/10 darts in the bull’s-eye. Boosted with confidence he orders another beer from the bartender and starts bragging next to other customers how good he is in darts.

Bob hears Andy bragging and challenges him to a game of darts, he offers Andy to bet $50 on the game and Andy gladly agrees.
The game ends and Bob is the winner, hitting 9/10 darts in the bull’s-eye! Andy managed to hit only 6/10 and sadly forfeits $50 to Bob. Feeling ashamed Andy leaves the bar and starts walking home while thinking about how he feels and what just happened.

Within his mixed pile of emotions, Andy feels bad because he lost money and lost the game he was positive he would win. He feels embarrassed and guilty for taking a bad decision, while walking home he attempts to understand where did he go wrong? What made him lose this game of darts?

  1. Was is the 2nd beer?
  2. Was it the pressure from the bet and observers?
  3. Was it do to fatigue?

What was the exact action that Andy took that made him miss 3 darts?
Because the “truth” is subjective, it is extremely complicated to determinedly define the answer. The more we are emotionally attached to a situation, the harder it is to rationalize thoughts and define actions and reactions. Additionally examining the order of events is almost irrelevant without considering the general environment.
What we do know as a fact from Andy’s story, is that if he would not have bet $50 on the darts game, the overall outcast would have been different. Therefore the action that caused Andy to be in that situation from the first place is the bet. With this approach I always attempt to build a fact-based perspective on politics, from micro to macro.

What is the sequence of events within Politics?

The action is created by the Government, the reaction is laced in the citizens. Based on nature we are all the same species, yet nurture defines our social identity. Our nurture is determined by the Government which guide our Educational and welfare systems. Therefore all nurture is the sole-responsibility of our Government.

If we look at NYC housing projects in the 80’s we will see a action led by the government that results in the reaction of organized crime, STD’s and drug abuse within the low-financial citizens of the city. We MUST NOT agree to the claim that these type of homosapians are genetically impaired and can not function in a healthy and collectively well-being society. The citizens that were forced into these projects have been purposely “malnourished” from the basic wealth and possessions a human being requires for productive evolution. The reality of their lives are a reaction of the Government’s action. And so is ours…..

Do you remember the story that happened in 2014 when a young girl in India boarded a public bus where she was raped and tortured by men in the backseat. In answer of this action a mob of angry people stormed the police station to deliver the “proper punishment” for the rapist. Why would a collective of peaceful people decide to storm together into the police station to punish the suspect? The answer is simple – because they did not trust the police to deliver justice and felt obligated to do so themselves.Due to the discrimination of Females in India’s culture, the suspect would have walked away smiling after not more the 30 days in Jail. The public could not allow this to happen.

The laws are passed by the government – Therefore the mob storming the police station is the reaction of a flawed justice system.

My last example to clarify sequence of events within the Political table is the French Riots in 2005 where President Chirac, at the time, had to declare a state of emergency. The event started when the local police chased a group of youngsters that had trespassed on a construction site, 2 of the young ones died and 1 was badly injured after leaping the fence to the neighbouring power plant where they suffered from electrical burns.

The media defined this as the “trigger-event” that started the 2005 riots were over 3000 arrests were made. The protesters (or as called then “The Mob”) was formed mainly from homosapiens with African ethnicity that have been “Malnourished” by the French government.

While the politicians persisted to state that these are the actions of hooligans and impaired citizens, the truth is the mere opposite – This is the reaction of a suppressed collective group that has not been entitled to the necessities of life.

The nature of the protesters are exactly like the rest of the world, yet the nurture they received from the Government is not the same. In every form the riots symboled the reaction, not the action.

The marketing funnel of Government, Politics and Public Media.

The more we try to understand from a neutral stance a biased perspective, the more we get confused. Its a cognitive matter called “The curse of knowledge” When better-informed people find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed people. In my opinion it is a waste of efforts trying to understand the “Truth” behind events that happen, aiming to find “trigger-events” within a micro-perspective condemns an accurate answer. Therefore if we want to fully understand politics we need to look solely at the facts – and the funnel.

The Government decides a system then embraced by Politicians that run the institute, which utilize Public media in order to promote the KPI’s of the Government which pays the politicians that run the institute, which utilize Public Media…. and you get the picture.

The 2005 Riots in France, the NYC Gangs, any war or financial crisis that occurred has been a reaction to prior actions decided by the government. This is not the citizen’s choice of action, this is how they are nurtured in this paradox of welfare and education. 


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