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Private Lessons in Online Marketing – Summer 2016

On July 11, 2016, by danielb, 0 Comments

This last past year I have been tutoring professionals in the field of Online Marketing. Personally it has been a very exciting to follow career developments within my students.
I decided to take the challenge a leap forward and offer Professional Courses in the field of Online Marketing this Summer.

Each lesson is 50 minutes and at the end of the lesson you will be assigned homework that is mandatory for the next lesson. Read More

Understanding politics with Newton’s Law of Action-Reaction

On October 24, 2015, by danielb, 0 Comments

In this dynamic fast-paced century the public media has invested countless resources in research regarding user experience and communication. The content presented on each major publication has been created by a team of professionals with various skills like designing, writing, editing, researching, printing, coding, broadcasting and the list goes on….  
These public media outlets are a form of digital or printable journalism targeting the general public, each outlet has their unique approach to cover a story and a “undeclared” anchor point.
We encounter the content of these media outlets daily via newspapers, websites, radio, apps and TV channels. It is inevitable to escape modern day media, especially with global events that present a danger to humanity – Public Media has become a part of the modern day life.

While reading the news, I always take in mind that the truth is subjective, exactly like life. Each has his own perspective and a unique observance point. We all know from personal experience that two people can be in the same situation yet perceive the events in a different form.
Eventually, all news we perceive has been tampered or modified to fulfill a certain goal, rarely do we, as the “users” know the goal. It is well known that the United States Government admitted in the 1960’s that Operation Mockingbird was a core part of delivering propaganda to the public.
Since then and till today, public media outlets have changed courses due to financial benefits that have manipulated the outcast of “cooperative” outlets. Read More

Website face lift and updates from 2015

On May 9, 2015, by danielb, 0 Comments

Hurray! Finally, my personal blog got a new face lift and I found some time to write this blog post.
In the last past 2 years I have been updating my personal blog in Hebrew almost every month, providing the best of my thoughts and knowledge from the world of online marketing. It has been a great ride and I have met many interesting people on the way. Last month, I decided that I am going to terminate the blog for good and spare some of my free time to other subjects. I wanted to thank all you people that contributed to the journey and shared my content.

~ Play fair and Play hard!