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Private Lessons in Online Marketing – Summer 2016

July 11, 2016, danielb0 Comments

This last past year I have been tutoring professionals in the field of Online Marketing. Personally it has been a very exciting to follow career developments within my students.
I decided to take the challenge a leap forward and offer Professional Courses in the field of Online Marketing this Summer.

Each lesson is 50 minutes and at the end of the lesson you will be assigned homework that is mandatory for the next lesson. Read More

How to create the best Google analytics dashboard

February 2, 2016, danielb0 Comments

I wish somebody would have told me when I started marketing that Google Analytics is made for everybody. That means, that it is a hyper-flexible solution that comes completely unconfigured when you initially open an account. The “real” power of Google Analytics is hidden at the first eye’s glance and achieves its maximum potential only after configuration.
It took me almost 5 years to fully understand that Google Analytics must be customized specifically for every business individually. After providing consulting to one of Israel’s “Unicorn” Hi-tech companies I became aware that a majority of people, who work in the industry do not know how to properly use Google Analytics.
In the following article I attempted to provide a solution for marketing employees wanting to learn how to master Google Analytics, I wanted to create an article that will explain how to fully utilize a Google Analytics account, (entirely for your unique business needs). It is important to state, that I did not include all the information needed to fully master Google Analytics, all though reading this article will definitely improve your knowledge about Google Analytics and will assist you to monitor your website metrics like a pro! I promise to write an additional chapter dealing with the information I left out, in the future. Read More

Webdesign Trends, Layouts and Formats Explained

November 6, 2015, danielb1 Comment

As a fanboy of the internet since 1998 I have witnessed close counter the evolvement of Webdesign. From the rich-hyperlink early version of Lycos to abc.xyz we have seen not only websites evolve rapidly but also the adaption rate of the users themselves. Sprouted from a tech-savvy generation, Modern day webdesign infuses an emotional and logical digital experience conducted by web designers. But, not all webdesigns work that good, the worst examples are low-skilled designers merging multiple design trends based on “creative intuition”.

Traditional VS Experimental Webdesign, What are the differences?

Traditional Web Design refers to all designs Trends which have common rule sets that are agreed among the general user public.  Experimental Webdesign refers to all design Trends which have common rule sets that are not yet agreed among the general user public.
To simplify the definitions, lets talk about at a Mr Potato Head – A Traditional Mr. Potato Head is when you play by the rules that the Mr. Potato head engineer made by switching fashion items
and body parts in the relevant positions. The creativity is bordered into a pre-declared set of rules which the user must follow to achieve Symmetry proportions. The final result will be a circumstance of the rule-set and its visual appearance is a mutual conception of a Mr. Potato Head. Read More

Understanding politics with Newton’s Law of Action-Reaction

October 24, 2015, danielb0 Comments

In this dynamic fast-paced century the public media has invested countless resources in research regarding user experience and communication. The content presented on each major publication has been created by a team of professionals with various skills like designing, writing, editing, researching, printing, coding, broadcasting and the list goes on….  
These public media outlets are a form of digital or printable journalism targeting the general public, each outlet has their unique approach to cover a story and a “undeclared” anchor point.
We encounter the content of these media outlets daily via newspapers, websites, radio, apps and TV channels. It is inevitable to escape modern day media, especially with global events that present a danger to humanity – Public Media has become a part of the modern day life.

While reading the news, I always take in mind that the truth is subjective, exactly like life. Each has his own perspective and a unique observance point. We all know from personal experience that two people can be in the same situation yet perceive the events in a different form.
Eventually, all news we perceive has been tampered or modified to fulfill a certain goal, rarely do we, as the “users” know the goal. It is well known that the United States Government admitted in the 1960’s that Operation Mockingbird was a core part of delivering propaganda to the public.
Since then and till today, public media outlets have changed courses due to financial benefits that have manipulated the outcast of “cooperative” outlets. Read More

Implementing Maslow into a Online Marketing Campaign

August 22, 2015, danielb0 Comments

It is the abundance of a firm psychological foundation that deems the most creative marketing campaigns to fail. Within the last 2 years I have learned that my best campaigns, usually don’t look that good visually. While this does not always look like the best course of action to your superiors and colleagues, the overall results will keep everybody smiling.
Sticking to a firm psychological foundation instead of cramping juicy UI elements will clear your funnel from “static noise” and make everybody on board happy – from your new customer that just signed up (or the one that decided not to) and all the way to your R&D team that urges to generate a top-class product, basing development decisions on the collected user data.

In 1954 an American psychologist call Abraham Maslow published a book called  Motivation and Personality  within the book he explained his research of human developmental psychology and revealed the well known  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”.
The pyramid Maslow defined is a common framework till today and is implemented within sociology research, philosophy courses and professional work environments. Higher ranks within the military as well are taught Maslow’s theory in order to understand basic homosapien needs and improve the morale within soldiers.
If you are not familiar with the Theory I deeply recommend learning about it, you can find some usefull links on the bottom of this post. Read More

Q&A SEO 2015 – Ask me your SEO Questions!

August 8, 2015, danielb0 Comments

Every year I sponsor a Online marketing forum by contributing to the SEO Related Topics, this year I have choosen to dedicate my efforts to a uprising Online Marketing community called Affiliatefix.com.  I have collected all the Q&A’s from different users that asked me SEO related questions for 2015 and documented them in this post, I will update this post every now and then so tune in for updates. Read More

3 easy tweaks to improve your Adwords Campaign results

June 8, 2015, danielb0 Comments

If you work in the field of Online Paid Advertising, you will find yourself always exploring new ways to optimize and improve your campaigns, while Google Adwords currently is the leading Paid Search and Display ad network, a majority of almost any online marketer’s schedule will be devoted to improving the Adwords campaigns. With the help of Micro-bidding on each keyword divided by geo location, you will improve your CPC rate and almost immediately, find your invested energy in optimizing campaigns paying off. While the depth of optimizing Adwords campaigns is practically endless, I started to think how can I optimize my Adwords results without actually microbidding and maintaining daily. I found a solution, I took a step “backwards” from my day to day bias in order to improve my workflow efficiency.
In the following article I will present 3 very easy “life tweaks” that will most likely improve your Adwords Campaign results. Read More

Website face lift and updates from 2015

May 9, 2015, danielb0 Comments

Hurray! Finally, my personal blog got a new face lift and I found some time to write this blog post.
In the last past 2 years I have been updating my personal blog in Hebrew almost every month, providing the best of my thoughts and knowledge from the world of online marketing. It has been a great ride and I have met many interesting people on the way. Last month, I decided that I am going to terminate the blog for good and spare some of my free time to other subjects. I wanted to thank all you people that contributed to the journey and shared my content.

~ Play fair and Play hard!